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Funky Unicorn

Electrolyte Treats

Electrolyte Treats

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Funky Unicorn Electrolyte Cubes are easy to give to your horse, anytime, anywhere!


Funky Unicorn Electrolyte Cubes are a "horse treat with a purpose" and contain a very small amount of basic electrolytes.  The goal of the Funky Unicorn Electrolyte Cubes  is to help stimulate your horse's thirst to maintain hydration and assist with recovery.


Potential times to utilize Funky Unicorn Electrolyte Cubes :


  • Picky water drinkers 

  • Clinics and strenuous exercise rides

  • Horse shows and competitions

  • After trailering 

  • At night-check with temperature changes



DISCLAIMER: This product is not intended for veterinary or medical use and not meant to replace any medically recommended course of treatment, nor is it to be used as a sole electrolyte source. This product should be considered as a horse treat with the benefit of a small amount of electrolyte supplement to augment any regular course of treatment or electrolyte program already in place. Do not use this product if your horse has had any adverse reaction to electrolytes. Do not use this product if your horse has had any adverse reaction to sugar or if sugar has been eliminated from your horse's diet by your veterinarian. Please consult your veterinarian prior to any use if your horse has had any of the above difficulties or if there are other medical conditions which may have an adverse reaction to any of the ingredients named.

  • FAQ

    How often and how many Funky Unicorn Electrolyte Cubes can I give my horse?

    We recommend no more than 10-12 cubes per event/day for an average 1250 pound horse.  Each tub contains 8 oz of cubes (Approximately 110 cubes). It is very important that your horse has access to adequate water supply when giving our product since the goal of the electrolytes is to increase your horse's desire to hydrate.  Funky Unicorn Electrolyte Cubes can also be an everyday treat as a reward providing your horse has adequate access to water.



    How much electrolytes are in each cube?

    Funky Unicorn Electrolyte Cubes are manufactured to contain the precise amount of electrolytes in every single cube and are a mild electrolyte replacement.  The Cubes are not meant to replace a current electrolyte program and are perfect to be given when your horse needs them most to recover and hydrate so are convenient to have on hand.


    How to introduce the Cubes to your horse:

    • Funky Unicorn Electrolyte Cubes taste sweet and savory, which can surprise horses on their first taste because they usually expect a sugary treat when first introduced.  Give your horse a few taste tests to explore the taste. Within a few tastes, 90+% of horses love them! We recommend a hot day as the best day to introduce Funky Unicorn Electrolyte Cubes as horses crave more salt naturally on these days.



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Customer Reviews

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Lifesaver to get my horse to drink

My older gelding doesn't always drink enough water and he is prone to dehydration colic episodes. I especially have this problem when temperatures drop at night during winter. I started giving Funky Unicorn cubes as a treat and he loves them. I keep a jar at his stall and when the barn does night check, they give him a few and have said they hear him drinking after he eats them. These give me such peace of mind. What a great product!

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